Fan-Art Updated! |

As many of you know, we are sent fan artworks on a daily basis. And from time to time we take our favourites and upload them to our website. Today is one such day. Follow the link to view the new additions to the art section as well as peruse through the previous works as well. We’d also just like to add that we love getting artwork from our community and if you’ve ever wanted to send some our way, please feel free to do so! Enjoy!

Cologne Bridge Art |

After the first waves of the Forest’s attacks swept over the planet, survivors retreated to the Cologne Bridge. They established a camp while doing everything necessary to make the bridge an unapproachable and formidable fortress within which survivors would be relatively safe from threats. Take a look at the new artwork and see it for yourselves.

0.24a update announcement |

Survarium game servers will be disabled to prepare for 0.24a update. We apologize for temporary inconveniences. Information about patch changes is available here.

The list of violators update |

In response to cheating and found vulnerabilities in Survarium we continue to block those who don’t respect honest gameplay. 60 people have been added to the Black list. We will continue dealing with cheaters without mercy. All the obvious cases of cheating will not go unnoticed.

Vector Laboratory Art |

Scientists’ attempts to act as creators can have fatal consequences. As you know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And when experiments get out of hand, there might be no turning back. And that’s exactly what happened to the Vector Laboratory research centre. The desktop picture below perfectly illustrates what became of the once-promising and advanced laboratory.

Adapter Instruction #24

Greetings Survivors! Knowledge of survival is crucial to make your way in a difficult world, especially world of Survarium. Again we have a new Adapter Instruction Video with some great survival tips and knowledge. With interesting and helpful tips about hydration, dealing with uneven terrain and hints on using various items to sterilize and clean your environment, enjoy it!

Cologne Bridge Location