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Concept art is one of the most important aspects of game design. Without the imagination and vision of our artists, Survarium’s world would never come to life. Today we share some new concept art from the Cologne Bridge location.

How the character images were created published an article regarding the process of creating the different visual styles and concepts for Survarium’s factions. Project Lead, Ruslan Didenko gave his comments on the concept art.

Forthcoming Version 0.25a Update

We are glad to present you with a brief announcement of the upcoming 0.25a patch that will be uploaded to the game servers in the near future. First of all, we’d like to note that one of the main directions of our work on Survarium is to increase the stability of the game client and to improve the overall game quality. We had to realign the internal development processes, so the preparation of the next update took longer than usual. Also, starting with the 0.25a patch, all major updates will be pre-tested on a special Test Server (Public Test Server or PTS). We will tell you more about the test server and participation in testing of early versions of new updates in a special post on our website.

And now, some of the most notable changes in the 0.25a update.


One of the biggest changes will be the introduction of Clans. To create a clan you will need to enlist other players and to pay 250,000 silver rubles. After that, a unique name and abbreviation will be assigned to the clan; it will automatically appear next to the player name. The number of players in the clan is limited and depends on the level of the clan. The level of the clan grows automatically as clan players gain experience during the game. In addition clan players will have access to a special battle mode “Clan vs. Clan”. In this mode teams should consist entirely of players from one clan, and the opponents will be selected according to clan’s rating earned for victory in this match. For more detailed information on clans, and how in the future we plan to develop the clan component of the game, we will explain in a special article dedicated to the Clan system.

Equipment upgrades

Two new ways to improve your gear will be also added in the 0.25a update. You can improve any piece of equipment, using another, exactly the same item, as a “donor”. If successful, you will receive an item with one additional feature. Thus, it is possible to improve the items up to the maximum level, which corresponds to three additional features. The second way to enhance your gear will be changing of unwanted random features to another one. You will be offered a choice of three new variants with each attempt. We expect that these two innovations will give players more control in improving their equipment, and will also give the possibility to use multiple identical items in a new way.

New equipment and weapons

A new range of products will be added to Factions’ stores. The Renaissance Army will get a super heavy armor “Zubr UM-4”, submachine gun SR-2M, and the AS “Val”. The Fringe Settlers will get “Pilgrim” - a set of heavy armor to fight in a contaminated area, submachine gun H&K UMP45, automatic rifle 9A-91, and VSK-94. In addition, players that use high-level equipment will receive more in-game currency after a match.

Melee combat

The most noticeable change in the game mechanics will be the ability to hit the enemy with a weapon in melee combat. In the current update this attack, in most cases, is fatal and does not depend on the weapon used. In the future, we intend to evolve this mechanic – hitting heavily armored opponents will cause stun and confusion, instead of instant death. On the other hand, if a player installs certain upgrades on his weapon, such as bayonet, he will deal increased melee damage.

"Mamayev Kurgan" location update

Apart from creating new maps, it is also important to fix critical bugs in “old” locations. In the 0.25a update we focused on improving the “Mamayev Kurgan” location. Besides many fixes aimed at optimizing the location, we have slightly changed the layout of the level. E.g. acid anomaly in the current version is ignored by players. So we moved it closer to the center of the location and now it is a key point that allows you to control several important passages.

You will see these and many other changes in the upcoming 0.25a update. Stay tuned for the news on our website.

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New location screenshots

The struggle for existence in the world of Survarium takes place everywhere: on the far banks of the Rhine, and among the remains of the Novosibirsk scientific center. Survivors searching for necessary resources made a took a few shots of the “Vector Laboratory” and the “Cologne Bridge”. Enjoy!

Music Contest Gains Momentum!

Thanks to the Music Contest announced late in August, we have seen that there are not only writers and artists among the fans of Survarium but also composers. Just in two weeks the contest track lists collected more than a hundred works in different music styles! They‘re all available to listen to on our SoundCloud channel. And we remind you that the contest continues, and we look forward to your tracks!

You can find the terms of the contest here. Keep in mind that the submitted music should perfectly fit into the game world - this will be an important criterion for the final grade.

In conclusion, we would like to announce a special additional prize from Vostok Games - Sennheiser HD 380 pro headphones. The author of the best track will receive them. This is the exact model of headphones that was used to work on the game’s sound. It will allow you to enjoy the audio content of our project to the full.

Well, good luck to all the contestants! “Hear” you later!

See yourself in Survarium!

We are pleased to announce our new photo contest: “See yourself in Survarium!”

The essence of the contest is quite simple. Send your pictures to with the subject “Photo contest” (please don’t forget to include your name and surname). Vostok Games’ designers will choose the best entries and will create some new desktop wallpapers for Survarium based on your photos. These images will be posted on the game website at a later stage.

Technical requirements:

- You’re only allowed to enter your own photos

- ask your friend or relative to take a picture for you.

- No more than five photos from per person.

- Be sure to use various poses that would be appropriate and in accordance with SURVARIUM.

Not situations like “lying on the couch and watching TV” or “I’m standing in the queue at the ATM”.

- Photos must be at least eight megapixels.

- Do not use the built-in camera flash.

- Sensitivity (ISO) - the less the better, but not more than 800. We will select the backdrop of the final image ourselves, so the more uniform the background in your photos, the better.

- Preview pictures - not more than a thousand pixels on the across.

- Make sure to include your name on the photo.

Looking forward to your photos! Good luck to everyone!

The Winners of Adapter Contest

A contest on survival gear for summer was announced in “Adapter #24”. The first five participants who gave the correct answers will get an exclusive titanium Survarium badge that was produced in the collaboration with Gleb Skorobogatov himself.

Unlike traditional badges of aluminium or steel, a titanium badge is hypo-allergenic, does not corrode, paramagnetic, does not produce glare, has high durability yet lightweight. All these advantages make the badge a unique and valuable asset to any Survivor.

So the winners are:

• Кирилл Ивлев;

• Кузя Кузьмин;

• Влад Dans;

• Сергей Артур;

• Марат Гареев.

Follow this link to learn the correct answers. The detailed answer as to why these items are the right choice will be given in one of the next “Adapter” episodes. Congratulations again to the winners! All the winners will be notified shortly via e-mail to organise the delivery of the prizes.

Adapter Instruction #19

Today we’re pleased to publish the new “Adapter” video. In episode No. 19, experienced survivalist Gleb Skorobogatov continues his search for drinking water and shows ingenuity in the fight against the scorching sun. We hope you enjoy the video! “Adapter” is also available on our YouTube channel. Subscribe and never miss a video!