Game Updated to 0.25b

Update 0.25b has been uploaded to the game servers. Here’s an overview of the changes we’ve got with this patch.
A number of technical and in-game issues have been fixed; starting levels range in matchmaking was reduced; a few tweaks were made to the user interface.

Find the detailed list of changes on our forum.

Due to the technical maintenance on our servers on October 17 2014, all users who have active Premium accounts will receive an additional day of Premium. We apologies for the inconvenience.

Meet four Survivors currently making their way through the world of Survarium. These user-submitted characters show some of the current equipment combinations possible in the game.

Survarium OBT in Poland

Vostok Games is pleased to announce Survarium will go Open-Beta by the end of November 2014 in Poland. Alongside the online version, the game will be available as a special Box Edition published in cooperation with IMGN.PRO. The game will also be accompanied by the best-selling novel from the Survarium universe, written by legendary Andrei Lewicki and published by Fabryka Słów.

In order to celebrate the launch of the game and book a special event for fans of “the zone” is planned. The main attractions include meetings with the developers of the game from the Vostok Games studio, author of the book Andrei Lewicki and real “stalker” - Krystian Machnik, the founder of the portal who will talk about how the “zone” really looks and feels and will present materials from his last expedition in those areas. In addition, during the event fans will be able to win many gadgets and items related to the Survarium universe.

Survarium Box Edition includes: DVD with the game and the sountrack, mini-guide, stickers and badges, code for 2000 Gold, premium account (valid for 3 months) and the set of specially created polish flags and emblems. Planned release date of the game: 28.11.2014, price: 49,99 PLN

Concept Art Gallery Updated

A few Work-In-Progress images created by Vostok Games artists have been added to Concept Art Gallery. Some of the ideas depicted in them, were not included in the game, but to us, that doesn’t make them any less interesting. Enjoy!

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Adapter Project: Instruction 25

We continue our survival classes with the Adapter project host Gleb Skorobogatov. Today we present you with Instruction 25. Watch it on our Youtube channel and make sure you don’t miss any future releases by subscribing. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comments section. Enjoy!

Survarium Update 0.25a

We are glad to inform you that today at 14:00 Kyiv time (GMT +3:00); Survarium game servers will go offline as we prepare for the release of the 0.25a update. We apologize for the inconvenience. Follow this link to learn about the changes contained in the patch.